Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Notice of an Application for a Variance


Applicant;                                  John Hullahan

Property Location;                 4 Mealy Mountain Drive

Land Use Zone;                        Residential Low Density (RLD)

Proposed variance;               Reduce minimum Building Side Yard Distance Requirement from 3.0m to 2.97m a variance of ( 9% ) ( 0.03m )


In accordance with Section 23 of the Town Development Regulations, the public is invited to submit written comments regarding this application. All input is public information and will be considered by Council when a decision is made about the application.

Written comments must be received by the Town prior to Monday, July 06, 2020

Provide your comments to; Municipal Technologist, Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, PO Box 40, Stn B, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, A0P 1E0. Email; [email protected] or drop off at the Town office, 212 Hamilton River Road. (For more information contact the Municipal Technologist at 896-3321).


VARIANCE* means a departure, to a maximum of 10% from the yard area, lot coverage,


Variances by Town (pursuant to Ministerial Development Regulations, Section 12)


  1. Where an approval or a permit cannot be given by the Town because a proposed development does not comply with development standards set out in these Regulations, the Town may, in its discretion, vary the applicable development standards to a maximum of 10%, if, in the Town’s opinion, compliance with the development standards would prejudice the proper development of the land, building or structure in question or would be contrary to the public
  2. The Town shall not allow a variance from development standards set out in these Regulations if that variance when considered together with other variances made or to be made with respect to the same land, building or structure, would have a cumulative effect that is greater than a 10% variance even though the individual variances are separately not greater than 10%.
  3. The Town shall not permit a variance from the development standards where the proposed development would increase the non-conformity of an existing
  4. Public Notice – When a variance is necessary under this Regulation, the Town shall, at the expense of the applicant, give written notice to the property owners in the immediate vicinity of the proposed