Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Notice of an Application for a Discretionary Land Use


Applicant;                                                            Labrador Ready Mix

Property location;                                            Dump Road (N53 21’ 41”-W60 26’ 45”)

Land Use Zone;                                                 Rural

Proposed discretionary land use;             “Mineral Working”- (Sand Quarry)

                                                                                Sand Pit for Concrete and Asphalt Aggregates   


In accordance with Section 23 of the Town Development Regulations, the public is invited to submit written comments regarding this application. All input is public information and will be considered by Council when a decision is made about the application.


Written comments must be received by the Town prior to July 06, 2020


Provide your comments to; Municipal Technologist, Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, PO Box 40, Stn B, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, A0P 1E0. Email; [email protected] or drop off at the Town office, 212 Hamilton River Road. (For more information contact the Municipal Technologist at 896-3321).



DISCRETIONARY USE* means a use that is listed within the discretionary use classes established in the use zone tables of an authority’s development regulations.


Discretionary Powers of Town

In considering an application for a permit or for approval in principle to carry out development, the Town shall take into account the policies expressed in the Municipal Plan and any further scheme, plan or regulations pursuant thereto, and shall assess the general appearance of the development of the area, the amenity of the surroundings, availability of utilities, public safety, and convenience, and any other considerations which are, in its opinion, material, and not withstanding the conformity of the application with the requirements of these Regulations, the Town may, in its discretion, and as a result of its consideration of the matters set out in this Regulation, conditionally approve or refuse the application.


Discretionary Uses

Subject to these Regulations, the uses that fall within the Discretionary Use Classes set out in the appropriate Use Zone Table in Schedule C may be permitted in that Use Zone if the Town is satisfied that the development would not be contrary to the general intent and purpose of these Regulations, the Municipal Plan, or any further scheme or plan or regulation pursuant thereto, and to the public interest, and if the Town has given notice of the application in accordance with Regulation 23 and has considered any objections or representations which may have been received on the matter.