It is the view of the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay that Street Lighting enhances our properties and provides a sense of security in our neighbourhoods. We know you share that view.

If you notice a Street Light is not functioning on your street, we want to hear about it, please report any street light that is not functioning properly or is completely out. Please email [email protected] with the following information and we will ensure that information is provided to NL Hydro.

Please provide the following Street Light Information in your email:

  • Your Street Address
  • Street Address closest to the affected Street Light (if not next to your property)
  • Problem Type (Damaged Lens, Street Light Out, Street Light Flashes on /off intermittently
  • Pole Number (if able to locate safely)
  • Please provide your contact information
If the problem is an emergency or hazardous condition, please call 1.888.737.1296 or Email: [email protected] for immediate assistance.