To learn more about where our town is located and the locations of the businesses and points of interests that Happy Valley-Goose Bay has to offer, you can view our maps below.

Recreation in Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Learn more about the various Parks, Green Spaces, Walking Trails, Birch Island Boardwalk, and Grand River Snowmobile Club Groomed Trails. The interactive Map will allow residents to provide feedback if there is an issue with any of the facilities maintained by the Department of Community Services and Recreation. This feedback will go directly to the Director of Community Services and Recreation so the Department can deal with issues accordingly.

Muskrat Falls Dam Breach Scenario Maps

This is the potential scenario for when the project is fully completed and shows the maximum damage. These maps show the maximum flood levels based on two scenarios – i) Fair Weather and ii) Probable Maximum Flood (PMF). Fair Weather scenario is flooding from a breach under normal circumstances. PMF scenario is flooding from a breach under the largest conceivable flood estimated from maximum precipitation and/or snow melt.

Muskrat Falls Dam Breach Scenario: Winter Headpond Failure Maps

Five maps showing the potential scenario of a dam breach from the first phase of flooding (25% flooding).

Happy Valley-Goose Bay Webmap

Use this interactive webmap to explore the Town’s development zones, noise exposure forecast contours and civic addresses. It’s also useful to inform, guide and plan development projects!

Visitors Information Map

This map provides location info for a wide variety of businesses and locations in the town.

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