Our Town’s services are run by a number of departments. Reporting directly to the Town Manager; these departments provide both internal and public support for both the day to day operations and future planning for our Town. Below, you will find each department’s name and their contact info.

Municipal Enforcement Department

In the province of Newfoundland and Labrador Municipalities reserve the right to employ and swear in Municipal Constables (Community Constables). The role within the community covers a wide variety of laws and legislation. The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay Community Constables responds to a wide variety of situations that fall under a variety of laws and legislation.

Community Constables are Peace Officers as defined under the Criminal Code, employed for the preservation and protection of the public peace as well as Civil Service. The Constables work alongside other agencies like the RCMP assisting with traffic control at motor vehicle collisions. Assisting with Parades and often conduct foot patrols at Happy Valley-Goose Bay public events. Other agencies that the Constables work alongside are Newfoundland & Labrador Fish and Wildlife Service, Conservation officers, etc.

The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay also has a full-time Animal Control Officer whose sole responsibility is to conduct patrols, and answer animal control calls within the community. The Animal Control Officer works closely with the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay Community Constables.

The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay Community Constables also works hand in hand with the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay Fire & Emergency Services Department, providing emergency response alongside the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay Volunteer Fire Department and assisting with scene safety, containment, and public safety.

Regulations such as:

Property Standards
Noise / Public Nuisance Complaints
Animal Investigations (Regulations)
Public Intoxication
Moving Traffic Enforcement
Parking Issues
ATV / Offroad Vehicle Regulations
Public Safety Monitoring
Patroling Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay Parks & Playgrounds
Patroling of Schools
Patroling of Trails (ATV/Snowmobile/Pedestrian)
Prohibited use of Cellular Devices while driving / Distracted Driving
Open liquor in public / in vehicle

Community Constables are heavily involved in the community with educational programs like Bike rodeos, School presentations, and other public related issues.

The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay Municipal Enforcement Department does NOT deal directly with Criminal Code situations as that role in the community is overseen by the RCMP Detachment and its Members. In the event that the Community Constables come across a Criminal situation, they immediately contact the RCMP, in many cases that situations that may be called into the Happy Valley-Goose Bay Constables are unknown criminal code investigations and when realized by the Community Constables the RCMP get involved and take over the situation. Community Constables do not respond purposely to Suspected Impaired Drivers while conducting traffic duties. The RCMP are called the second a Community Constable suspects possible impairment of a driver.

The public of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is encouraged to call the complaint line 896-3322 for situations such as:

Animal Control
Animal Welfare
Noise complaints
Property Issues
Traffic concerns
Speeding complaints
ATV / Snowmobile and other off-road vehicle complaints

To contact the Municipal Enforcement Department or one of its Community Constables, please see below information:

Municipal Enforcement Complaints Line: 709.896.3322
Municipal Enforcement Complaints Email: [email protected]

Community Constable / Animal Control - Larry Baker Tel: 709-896-3322 Fax: 709-896-9454 [email protected]

Human Resources Department

This Department is responsible for the employee relations, maintenance of the collective agreement, support for non-bargaining unit staff and bargaining unit staff.

Kellyann Jack - Director, Human Resources & Employee Relations Tel: 709-896-5616 Fax: 709-896-9454 [email protected]

Community Development & Research Department

This Department provides proactive leadership, engagement and strategic direction in the areas of community development and research for the Town.

Brenna Jarrar, Director Community Development & Research Tel: 709-896-5427 Fax: 709-896-9454 [email protected]

Public Relations Department

This Department oversees the release of municipal information to the public. This includes the operation of the Town’s major communication channels, such as social media and website. The Department is the point of contact for Media inquiries.

Waylon Williams - Manager Public Relations & Special Events Tel: 709-896-3254 Cell: 709-896-1609 Fax: 709-896-9454 [email protected]

Public Works – Roads & Grounds Department

This Department is responsible for road maintenance including snow clearing, municipal landfill operations, and heavy equipment operations. This Department covers approximately 180 lane km of municipal roads.

(Vacant) - Superintendent of Works / Roads & Transport Tel: 709-896-3403 Fax: 709-896-9454 [email protected]

Public Works – Water & Sewer Department

This Department is responsible for the safe operation of the Town’s water and wastewater services, as well as maintenance and repair work on the distribution systems.

Keith Pye - Superintendent of Works / Water & Sewer Tel: 709-896-3824 Fax: 709-896-9454 [email protected]

Planning & Development Department

This Department includes engineering and planning and development control which is responsible for building and occupancy permitting, development regulations, and more.

Randy Dillon, P. Eng. - Director of Engineering Tel: 709-896-3222 Fax: 709-896-9454 [email protected]

Finance Department

This Department is responsible for the financial services of the municipality specifically for residents and businesses, assessment and taxation as well as taxes and fees.

Nadine MacAulay, BBA, PCP - Director Finance & Operations Tel: 709-896-3300 Fax: 709-896-9454 [email protected]

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