Deputy Mayor Bert Pomeroy – Chair, Development Planning & Enforcement Committee

First elected in 2012 Bert Pomeroy served four years as Councillor on the 11th Council of Happy Valley-Goose Bay and in September 2017 was re-elected in a Municipal General Election. In January of 2018, Councillor Pomeroy took on the role of Deputy Mayor. Further to the role of Deputy Mayor, he also Chairs the Development and Planning & Enforcement Committee and sits on the Finance, Administration & Policy Committee.

Deputy Mayor Pomeroy and his wife, Karen, raised their children in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and consider this community as their home. “It’s our children’s home and my granddaughter’s home” he proudly proclaims.

The Deputy Mayor’s background has a very strong mixture of Journalism, Communications, and Politics (both Provincial and Municipal). Deputy Mayor Pomeroy is also the Director of Communications with the Nunatsiavut Government.

[email protected]

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