New Business Creation

The majority of the larger private sector firms in Happy Valley-Goose Bay are involved in retailing, wholesaling or service activities. Increasingly, we are experiencing a diversification of existing businesses that are taking advantage of the region’s many economic opportunities.

The business community is very proactive in aggressively seeking new investment and partnering arrangements, particularly in relation to large-scale development. This includes the provision of goods and services to industrial and traditional domestic customers as well as the Muskrat Falls project, distributorships for the mining sector, and a variety of partnerships at a number of levels. In addition to opportunities in Newfoundland and Labrador, businesses are also pursuing opportunities for the export of goods and services to other provinces and countries. There is also a growing trend towards the creation of home-based businesses in Happy Valley-Goose Bay.

Approvals have been granted by the Town for a wide range of home-based uses including consulting and advisory services, courier services, electronics and computer-based services, health and wellness, audiovisual services, bed and breakfast businesses and many more. These businesses are significantly contributing to the diversification of service offerings of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, offering a competitive advantage for those living and working in the region.

The Town also continues to respond to the growing need for new developments. New business opportunities are constantly emerging and economic opportunities continue to evolve. The Town remains eager and available to discuss any new business developments.