Development & Zoning Regulations

It’s the Town’s responsibility to ensure orderly and sustainable growth and development. There are regulations, procedures and policies for a variety of land use topics. These ensure fair and clear information and processes for applicants, the public, staff and Council.

The tools and requirements for the Town to control land uses are set out by the Province in the Municipalities Act, 1999 and the Urban and Rural Planning Act, 2000.

Land use in the town is controlled through land use zones, shown on land use zone maps covering all properties within the municipality.

The Development Regulations (2008-2018) state the types of land uses permitted in each land use zone and the standards land uses are required to meet. The Town also has a Municipal Plan which provides for broad land-use policies.

For further information, please contact our Municipal Technologist at 896-3593.

Questions or Concerns?

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Downloadable Documents


Development Regulations 2018 – 2028

Land Use Zoning Map 1

Land Use Zoning Map 2