Organic Waste Diversion

Municipal Yard Waste Area

In 2016, the Town started an organic waste diversion pilot project through a partnership with MMSB to improve organic waste diversion in our community.

— Not For Commercial Use —

A Municipal Yard Waste Area was established off of Corte Real Road for residents to divert yard waste from the landfill.

Residents can deliver and properly place yard debris in the designated areas.


  • Trees, branches, grass, leaves, trimmings, and other untreated wood materials (non-pressure treated lumber)

Not Accepted

  • Painted, stained and pressure treated wood

All yard waste delivered to the site is mulched by the Town’s Mobile Wood Chipper (acquired through funding from MMSB). The product is used for landscaping purposes and community beautification throughout the town. Please refrain from leaving Plastic Garbage Bags at the site.

— Not For Commercial Use —