Recycling & Composting

Through the Town’s partnership with MMSB, recycling and composting bins are available for pick up and purchase at the Green Depot.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay fully supports any effort by residents to reduce the amount of waste entering the landfill.

Residents are encouraged to do their part in helping to keep our community a “green and clean space”.

Today, like never before, there are options available


HVGB Recyclers

Located at their new home in the old CFB Arena on the Canadian Side, the HVGB Recyclers is a grassroots non-profit group that are making great strides in reducing the amount of waste entering our landfill. If you would like to learn more visit their website  You can also join and like their Facebook Page.

Rodger’s Recycling

15 Churchill St.


For information on recycling and accepted items, please visit the MMSB website.

Anyone interested in taking a webinar with MMSB on backyard composting and maintaining a healthy compost bin can find out the details here.

Newco Metal & Auto Recycling

Located at Groves Point Road, Newco accepts old scrap auto parts and other metals. To find out more about Newco  call 709.896.2540 or visit their website.