Leaks, Frozen Water Lines & Repairs

Learn more about Happy Valley-Goose Bay’s protocols for dealing with disruptions to water services due to frozen lines and leaks. You can also find the necessary contact info in case you need to contact the Town for more information.

The following is the Town’s Policy for responding to water line breaks and related labor costs:

The Town will not accept responsibility for water line breaks that occur on the owner’s side of the curb stop. The Town will agree to investigate the problem during normal working hours but will inform the citizen or property owner that the repairs are their responsibility. As for frozen water mains, the owner is to contact a local plumbing company to thaw the water lines, if that does not work, the Town will thaw the water line at the owner’s expense (certain conditions apply, please contact the Town for more information).

The Town will undertake and repair water breaks that occur outside of the curb stop.

If a request is received from a citizen after regular working hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) to determine the location of a water-line break, the same policy will apply. If the water problem is on the property owner’s side of the curb stop, the property owner will be notified and be responsible to get the necessary repairs completed. If the problem is outside the property owner’s curb stop, the Town will undertake the repairs.

When making a request for water services, citizens are advised that they are responsible to get the work completed if the problem is deemed to have occurred on the owner’s side of the curb stop.

After-hours contact: Superintendent of Water & Sewer, 896-3824(w) 896-2212.