*POSTPONED* HV-GB Northern Games Exhibition

This event is hosted by the Aboriginal Sport and Recreation Circle & The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay



Date: March 24th and 25th 2017

Location: Lawrence O’Brien Arts Center

March 24th Events: Labrador Hurdle and Over the Rope

March 25th Events: Seal Race and One Foot High Kick


Online Participant Registration: www.trackiereg.com/HV-GB-NorthernGames 

$5.00/participant (for the 4 events)

Must be 16 year old or over to participate

Space is limited!

Registration will be given to the first 15 males and 15 females through online registration.

Registration is open until midnight on March 19th, 2017

For more information, contact: Dominic 896-8542


Free admission for spectators (General seating)

Schedule:         6h20 Athlete Registration

6h30 Athlete Meeting (mandatory)

6h50 Welcome

7h00 Start of competition

9h00 Award presentation (only on day two)



Labrador Hurdles

The Inuit originally used sleds to create hurdles for this game. The Labrador Winter Games built on that idea and created the Labrador Hurdles event. The strength and endurance needed to win the gold in this event is sure to make you appreciate the effort put into training.


One Foot High Kick

A keen eye and good depth perception are both very important skills when living off the land. Add in some amazing athletic ability, and you’ve got a very entertaining and impressive event.


Over the Rope

The origins of this game helped train Inuit to build the strength and balance required to be an expert kayaker.


Seal Race

Inuit hunters used to mimic seals in movement and sound while hunting for seal. If they weren’t convincing enough, the seal would escape through their air hole before the hunter could get close enough to spear them.

References: http://www.labradorwintergames.ca/games2016/northern-games.htm