Public Service Announcement
19th Annual Sexual Violence Awareness Week
September 17, 2018 to September 21, 2018

On Monday, September 17th, 2018 at 12:15 PM join Mayor Wally Andersen and members of Council in signing a Proclamation declaring September 17th to 21st, 2018 “Sexual Violence Awareness Week”.

Below has been copied from the Mokami Status of Women Council Facebook Page. The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay encourages everyone to come out and help raise awareness.

“Each year, on the third Friday in September, thousands of individuals all over the world unite in a public demonstration to raise awareness of gender-based violence and gender inequality. Take Back the Night- Upper Lake Melville is a public event open to all community members who want to speak out against sexual violence.

We will meet at 5:30 pm on Friday, September 21st at Mokami Status of Women Council (43 Grenfell Street). Dress however you want. Bring your posters and noisemakers, bring your friends and family, and bring the children and pets in your life.

We will bring our voices and we will be loud. We will then make our way to Town Hall where we will shout out in the streets that we demand an end to sexual violence and we demand gender equality.
Allies can join in on the march at the Provincial Court and walk the rest of the way united with us. Once at the Town Hall we will all gather together and enjoy a BBQ.

Take Back the Night is an event hosted by Mokami Status of Women Council with the assistance and collaboration of numerous community-based organizations.

Take Back the Night has historically been a march for women, by women. It has since grown to recognize that although women and other marginalized genders experience sexual violence at higher numbers, that there are many males who are survivors of sexual violence and sexual abuse and many male allies who would like to participate as well.

Route and Transportation: The route is approximately 2.3 Kms. in one direction. If one would like to participate however are unable to participate fully in the march they are welcomed to participate in however is most comfortable and accessible to them. This may include but is not limited to, participating in the beginning and/or end of the March, walking part way and then turning around, or following behind/in the front of the march in their vehicle.

There will be limited transportation provided by committee members of the Take Back the Night March in the form of a van/car. Please approach a committee member during the rally or message MSWC ahead of time if you would like to secure a spot. There will not be a flatbed provided this year due to safety concerns.

The start and end location are different, therefore keep this in mind and if going with a group of individuals arrange to leave one of our vehicles at either site.”