Public Service Announcement
Snow and Ice Clearing on Runway
January 25, 2022 – Happy Valley-Goose Bay – Canadian Armed Forces


5 Wing Goose Bay received multiple noise complaints regarding the snow and ice clearing activities conducted on the runway last weekend.


Due to the recent weather reaching freezing rain temperatures followed by flash freezing, a larger amount of ice built up on the airfield than usual. Our team had attempted to clear the ice through chemical means, but due to the temperature, the chemical product used was ineffective and they had to use mechanical means to remove the ice instead. This required additional machines to break up the ice and applying de-icing in a persistent round the clock efforts to ensure that the airfield was safe and able to remain open, which is crucial given the isolated nature of Goose Bay.


Fortunately our efforts were successful and we now have the runways back to a normal condition. Expect to hear only the normal level of snow and ice clearing activity until the next major weather event.






Captain Nicole Morrison

Canadian Armed Forces

5 Wing Public Affairs

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