Advisory from 5 Wing Goose Bay
Public Service Announcement
Snowmobile Hazard Along 5 Wing Fence
Feb 7, 2022 – Goose Bay – Canadian Armed Forces


5 Wing Goose Bay would like to advise local snowmobilers that ongoing snow clearing will continue to be conducted around the perimeter fences of 5 Wing. This raises a continued safety concern for snowmobile riders who deviate from the trails and use the fences around the base as a guide. In these areas riders could encounter steep unexpected drops.


Signs have been placed to indicate approved trail on 5 Wing Property. Regardless if an individual is in the fenced portion of the trail or in an area without fencing, deviation from the approved trail while on DND property is strictly prohibited and can pose a safety concern to the rider. With the depth of the snow this winter many obstacles natural or manmade may lay hidden.


Hazard signs are posted throughout DND property that identify areas with potential hazards that may be completely concealed; anyone entering these areas does so at their own risk and is liable for any damages to DND property that may result in entering these areas.


5 Wing works to ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations including those governing the safe use of a motor vehicle. The public is reminded that all vehicles entering DND property must comply with federal and provincial laws and regulations and it must observe the posted speed limits.





Captain Nicole Morrison

Canadian Armed Forces

5 Wing Public Affairs

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