Public Service Announcement

Animal Safety & Regulations

Information for the Public

March 12, 2018


The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is reaching out to the community to help raise awareness on Pet safety and the Town’s Dog/Cat Regulations.


The Town’s Municipal Enforcement and Animal Control departments have been investigating multiple complaints and violations of the above regulations. Owners who violate the regulations are subject to fines and seizure/ impoundment of the animal.


The Town’s is concerned for the safety of its residents and other animals. We are encouraging members of the public to report any violations to the:


Town’s Animal Control Department, Nelson Hope at 896-7132 OR;

Town’s Community Constable, Gary O’Brien at 896-7121


The following are some of the Town’s Dog/Cat Regulations which owners are expected to uphold:


  1. Every owner of a dog within the Town shall keep the dog safely tethered or penned.
  1. No person shall keep any dog within the limits of the Town unless such dog has been licensed with a tag from the Town. Cost of Tag $20.
  1. A dog may be seized or Impounded by a Peace Officer if is:
  • At Large; or
  • Found damaging or destroying private property
  1. The following seizing and Impounding fees shall be paid by the owners of dogs:
  • Seizing and Impounding, Licensed, 1st instance, $40;
  • Seizing and Impounding, unlicensed, 1st instance, $75;

Such other costs as are required to properly compensate the Town for the cost of seizing, Impounding and maintaining the dog.

  1. The costs to address after regular hours requests for assistance with dog problems are to be recovered from the owner.
  1. Where an owner of a dog is not found within five days after the dog is impounded, the Town may, in its discretion, euthanize the dog in accordance with the Animal Protection Regulations, NLR 35/12, as amended.


The Town is asking owners to be responsible for their pets and to respect the Town’s regulations on the matter.