Public Service Announcement

Annual Spring Cleanup & Bulk Waste Pickup

Information for the Public

June 8, 2017


The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay’s Annual Spring Cleanup has begun with Town workers collecting litter throughout the community for approximately four to six weeks.


Roadside pickup will start on Monday, June 12th according to the following schedule:


Valley Area: Mon, June 12th – Wed, June 21st             

MOT Area: Thurs, June 22nd – Fri, June 23rd

Spruce Park & North Side: Mon, June 26th – Wed, June 28th


Dates are subject to change depending on quantities of materials.



The following are lists of eligible and non-eligible items for Bulk Waste Pickup.


Appliances: stoves, washing machines, dryers, microwaves & barbeques  Electronics: Televisions, computers & other  electronics.
Sports equipment: bicycles, basketball, hockey nets, etc.  Propane tanks, fridges, freezers & air  conditioners
Furniture: mattresses, box springs, sofas, chairs, tables, etc.  Earthen material: rocks, bricks, concrete, soil,  etc.
Boxes: must not contain any liquid  Discarded vehicle oil & partially filled paint  cans
Yard waste: bags with yard debris; branches & willows **must be bundled, max. 4ft. & no more than 50lbs**  Car wrecks: parts, frames, engines, tires &  batteries. *tires accepted at Green Depot,  Churchill Street
Construction materials: drywall, fiberglass insulation, lumber, asphalt shingles or other waste from renovations or demolitions **must be bundled, max. 4ft & no more than 50lbs or in suitable bags/boxes**  Hazardous materials: ammonia, acids,  pharmaceutical products, paints, oils, pesticides,  etc.



For further information on the program, please contact the Town Hall: 896-3321