Public Service Announcement

ATV & Off Road Motorcycle Regulation Enforcement

Information for the Public

July 16, 2018


The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay and the local RCMP are reaching out to the community to help raise awareness on ATV and Off-Road Motorcycle safety and regulations.


The Town works in partnership with the RCMP on enforcement of its Municipal ATV and Off Road Motorcycle Regulations.


Violations and complaints received by the RCMP and the Town are mostly related to individuals operating ATVs and Off-Road Motorcycles on municipal roadways, green spaces and not wearing helmets. Individuals who do not comply with the regulations could be subject to a $500 fine and possible impoundment of the ATV or Off-Road Motorcycle.


The Town and the RCMP also have representation on the Big Land Off Road Snowmobile Safety Committee, led by Labrador Grenfell Health. The committee focuses on safe operation of snowmobiles, ATVs and Off-Road Motorcycles year round.


The public is encouraged to become familiar with the Municipal ATV and Off Road Motorcycle Regulations. Under the regulations, all ATVs and Off Road Motorcycles must be registered and insured in accordance with the Motorized Snow Vehicles and All-Terrain Vehicles Act  or the Highway Traffic Act with specific requirements, which include:

  • License plates – prominently displayed on the vehicle and purchased from the Town at a cost of $10.00.
  • Head and tail lamps
  • Adequate and efficient braking system


The regulations cover a variety of other information, including:

  • Prohibitedoperations:
  • Areas designated as a park or playground;
  • Sidewalks or designated walking/bicycling paths;
  • Private properties without the express permission of the property owner or occupant;
  • Property of/occupied by a hospital, health centre, school or senior citizens home;
  • Within 15 metres of airport terminal buildings or the ends and sides of airport runways or ramps; and
  • Any area where signs prohibit the use and operation.
  • Operation on Highways
  • Age Prohibition
  • Enforcement
  • Impoundment
  • Penalties


ATV and Off-Road Motorcycle violations can be reported directly to the RCMP Goose Bay Detachment: 709-896-3383 and the Community Constable: 896-7121

The Town and RCMP are asking for the continued support of the public in helping to ensure public safety and respect for our community.


For more information, please contact:


Constable Jerry Goudie

RCMP, Goose Bay Detachment

Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay


Gary O’Brien

Community Constable

Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay

  1. o) 709-896-7121