Information for the Public

The boil water advisory issued by the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay on January 29th, 2017, due to emergency repairs, has been lifted for the following areas:

Certain areas of MOT:

Valleyview Drive
Hale Street
Thompson Drive
MacDonald Drive
Barrett Street
Mealy Mountain Road
St. Laurent Street
MacKenzie Drive
Meighan Street
Diefenbaker Street
Abbott Drive
Trudeau Street
Laurier Loop
Shaw Place
Edmunds Crescent

The advisory has been removed because the reason for issuing the advisory, D1- Water distribution system is undergoing maintenance or repairs, has been completed and the following criteria have been met:

1. One (1) satisfactory bacteriological water analysis has been obtained (absence of total coliform and E. coli per 100ml of sample).

2. Satisfactory free chlorine residual is maintained at the entry to the distribution system.

3. Free chlorine residual is detectable and maintained throughout the distribution system.

Regular bacteriological monitoring of the public water supply will now commence on a monthly basis.

The Town appreciates the public’s patience while work was being completed.