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Public Service Announcement


Dropping Practice Precision Guide Munitions at 5 Wing Practice Target Area


March 31, 2022 – Happy Valley-Goose Bay – Canadian Armed Forces


5 Wing Goose Bay would like to advise the public that flying operations will be conducted at the Practice Target Area, located 60NM south of Goose Bay, between April 5 to 8, 2022.


The public is asked to remain outside of the Practice Target Area at all times during this period. CF-188 Hornets will be conducting low level flying and dropping Practice Precision Guide Munitions (PGM) and self defense Chaff and Flares within the area during their operations. Practice PGM’s are not explosive bombs but allow air crews to practice dropping ordinance that reacts in a similar manner. There will be supersonic training occurring at altitude during this serial which could be heard from the ground in the form of a loud boom. The public is advised that this is due to aircraft manoeuvers and is not associated with the inert munitions being dropped.


There is no road access to the Practice Target Area but it is outlined by a continuous cut line and sign-posted at regular interval.


After the indicated period, if any foreign material is found in this area, 5 Wing is instructing the public to avoid handling the materiel and to report its location immediately to Wing Operations using the following phone number: (709) 896-6900 extension 7332.







Captain Nicole Morrison

Canadian Armed Forces

5 Wing Public Affairs

Phone: (709) 896-6928