Public Service Announcement
Information for the Public
“Labrador Flag Day”
Release Date: March 31, 2022


The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is proud to highlight the Labrador Flag’s significance, which proudly flies in front of Town Hall.


The Labrador flag, which was designed by former MHA Mike Martin, flew for the first time on March 31, 1973. The Labrador Flag is representative of significant Labrador elements and its founding peoples. In 2017 the flag was, at long last, recognized by the provincial government.


“The top white bar represents the snow which colours the culture and lifestyle of Labradorians like no other element. The bottom blue bar represents the waters of Labrador which serve as the highway and sustainer of the people of Labrador. The centre green bar represents the nurturing land. It is thinner than the other two, as the northern climes of Labrador have short summers.

The twig is in two year-growths to represent the past and future of Labrador. The shorter growth of the inner twigs represents the hardships of the past, while the outer twigs are longer as a representation of the hope Labradorians have for the future. The three branches represent the three founding nations of Labrador; the Innu, the Inuit, and the white settler. The three branches emerging from a single stalk represents the unity of the distinct peoples in the brotherhood of mankind.”



To learn more about the history and significance of the Labrador Flag, visit the

Labrador Heritage Society’s website at: