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Public Service Announcement
May 18, 2022– Goose Bay – Canadian Armed Forces


5 Wing Goose Bay would like to advise the public that the annual biological biting fly control will begin at 5 Wing Goose Bay in the third or last week of May 2022 and will be ongoing until late August 2022. The program aims to reduce mosquito and black fly larvae in their habitats before they emerge as biting adults. Sites where mosquito larvae breed will be treated from the ground and from the air, with Bti, a biological insecticide. A team of trained and qualified personnel will perform treatments and monitor operations.


G.D.G. Environment will carry out all work on behalf of 5 Wing, with the authorization of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador (permit no 19-033).  Only federally-approved biological products are allowed to be used under the authorization of Health Canada.


Bti is a very safe insecticide, it is registered and used in Canada for the control of mosquitoes and black flies. The contractor G.D.G Environment proceeds in accordance with the highest safety standards, which prevents any exposure of the population to the product. In the environment, Bti is very safe because it selectively kills mosquito and black fly larvae only and also because it is entirely biodegradable in a matter of a few days.


G.D.G. Environment will use two formulations produced by Valent Biosciences. VectoBac 1200L (reg. #21062) is a water-based formulation that will be used for ground operations. VectoBac 200G (reg. #18158) is a granular formulation, consisting of crushed corn coated with Bti, which will be used for aerial operations.


Other details concerning this program can be obtained by contacting Mr. Mark Ardis from G.D.G. Environment: 613-327-3063 or Pesticides Control Section: 1-709-729-2556.






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