Information for the public
April 13, 2018

The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is informing the public of an update to the municipal committees, following the recent by-election.

Each committee is chaired by one (1) Councillor and consists of two (2) other Councillors as well as the appropriate department heads. The committees are as follows:

1. Community Services, Recreation & Special Events
Chair – Councillor Compton Hobbs
Councillors – Councillor Crann and Councillor Tremblett

2. Development, Planning & Enforcement
Chair – Deputy Mayor Pomeroy
Councillors – Councillor Dyson and Councillor Tremblett

3. Economic Development & Public Engagement
Chair – Councillor Dyson
Councillors – Councillor Baikie and Councillor Compton Hobbs

4. Finance, Administration & Policy
Chair – Councillor Baikie
Councillors – Councillor Dyson and Deputy Mayor Pomeroy

5. Municipal Services
Chair – Councillor Crann
Councillors – Councillor Baikie and Deputy Mayor Pomeroy

Municipal committees meet on a monthly basis and committee chairs provide an update during the monthly Public Town Council Meetings, regarding their respective committee.