Public Service Announcement
Information for the Public

The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is pleased to announce that the community’s new full-time Fire Chief will be Mr. Bradley Butler.

This appointment was made during the public Town Council Meeting on June 30th.

After 36 years with the Town our current Fire Chief, Carl Oldford, will be retiring. He provided quality fire and emergency services to the Upper Lake Melville area for 20 years as a volunteer firefighter and the past 16 years as Fire Chief.

We commend Mr. Oldford for his incredible service to the community and for his valuable contribution as Chair of the Town’s Environmental and Emergency Preparedness Committee. His contribution to the Fire Department will be greatly missed and we wish him all the best in retirement.

As our commitment to the protection and safety of our residents, we have filled the Fire Chief role in advance of Mr. Oldford’s retirement to ensure a smooth transition and no disruption in services.