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New Pedestrian Activated Crossings

Release Date: August 22, 2018

The Town of Happy Valley- Goose Bay is advising Motorist and Pedestrians / Bicyclists that two new “Pedestrian Activated Crossings” (crosswalks) have been installed and are now officially operational. The Crosswalk locations are listed below:


  • intersection between Tim Hortons and Labrador Health Centre Hamilton River Road


  • intersection between Town Hall and Kinsmen Park Hamilton River Road


Both above intersections have Highly Visible (High Vis) Signage above and on either side of the crosswalk. All signage has flashing lights which are activated by Pedestrians / Bicyclists before they make their crossing.

Pedestrians / Bicyclists utilizing these new cross walks are encouraged to use the lighting system by pressing the activation button (in either Daylight or Dark) before they proceed. Activation Buttons are located on poles on each end of Crosswalk.

Motorist are required to stop at the cross walks when they see the flashing lights. Pedestrians / Bicyclists are encouraged to look both ways before proceeding.

In the interest of Safety, Motorists and Pedestrians are advised that for both locations the actual physical Crosswalk only exists between the High Vis Signage and accompanying Flashing Lights.

The Town of Happy Valley – Goose Bay is advising both Pedestrians and Motorists alike to be vigilant when using these or any other crosswalk.