Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Notice of an Application for a Discretionary Land Use


Property location;                               7-13 Lethbridge St

Land Use Zone;                                  Residential Multi Unit (RMU)

Proposed discretionary land use;      Plex Housing (5.6.11)


The proposed application is for a new 4 plex residential building for low income housing.

In accordance with Section 2.4.4 of the Town Development Regulations, the public is invited to submit written comments regarding this application. All input is public information and will be considered by Council when a decision is made about the application. Written comments must be received by the Town prior to April 24, 2023

Provide comments to; Town of Happy Valley Goose Bay, PO Box 40, Stn B, A0P 1E0. Email; or drop off at the Town office, 212 Hamilton River Road. (For more information contact Municipal Technologist at 896-3321).

Section 5.6.11 of the Development Regulations defines Plex Housing (3-plex and 4 plex Residential Buildings) as:

A 3-plex and 4-plex is a building with 3 or 4 self contained dwelling units where each unit has exterior entrance and there is no shared interior access. While the building may appear to be like an apartment building, there is no shared interior access to each unit. Generally, the building has one owner and the individual units are rented (the owner might live in one unit); however, if the units are to be owned separately, then the development by must

comply with the Condominium Act, 2009



(1) Must meet Use Zone Site Development Standards and conditions;

(2) Three- and Four-Plex housing can be arranged either vertically so that dwellings may be placed over

others, or horizontally so that dwellings may be attached at the rear as well as at the side;

(3) Mandatory front façade;

(4) Council shall review this type of development to ensure:

  1. the type, scale, massing, and design of the development is generally appropriate to the neighbourhood;
  2. preservation of side/back/front yards for public safety and amenity requirements;
  3. Building line setbacks shall conform to the existing development pattern; and,
  4. adequate provision is made for light, privacy, and amenity.

(5) Acceptable site layouts for 3-plex and 4-plex:

  1. Preferable development would be only two dwelling units deep on a lot with each dwelling unit having a front on the street
  2. Alternatively, to accommodate the existing large lots size found throughout the Town (30 m x 60m), a plex development may be considered for dwelling units deep provided the end unit facing the street would be the front façade and entrance. This will enhance street appeal and provide much needed affordable housing.