Public Notice
Notice of Candidates
Municipality of Happy Valley-Goose Bay
Information for the Public
Release Date: September 7, 2021



The 2021 Municipal General Election will take place on Tuesday, September 28, 2021.

There will be two separate ballots:

A Ballot for Mayor

A Ballot for a maximum of six Councillors


The following persons have been nominated for election to council:

For Councillor (in alphabetical order):

Michelle Baikie

Darrell Bennett

Max Blake

Hayward Broomfield

Shawn Crann

Pamela Duffett

Lori Dyson-Edmunds

Dwayne Hall

Hubert Loder

Michelle Parsons

Dorothy Pye-Johnson

Denise Rumbolt

Neil Saunders

Mark Urquhart

Ella Wallace

Todd Winters

For Mayor (in alphabetical order):

George Andrews

John Chiasson

Jackie Compton-Hobbs

Jennifer Hefler-Elson

Bert Pomeroy