The following message is posted on behalf of Cst. Brian Joyce of the Happy Valley-Goose Bay RCMP:

The intention of the Community Consultative Group (CCG) is to get a wide range of community input so that the Police can come to better understand the needs of the community in regards to Policing. The Community Consultative Group(CCG) is a volunteer board that represents our community as a whole, ideally having representation from youth, seniors, business owners and community members. The Happy Valley Goose Bay RCMP are seeking volunteers who are interested in becoming a part of the CCG to provide the community we serve a voice to share concerns and ideas on how to work together to better our community.

The CCG would operate as a separate entity free from interference from the RCMP and the Detachment Commander or designate would be a non-voting member of the group. The group would meet ideally four times a year or when issues arise that require discussion. The Town of HVGB would be a participant through the involvement of the Community Constable.

The goals of the group are to:

•Promote the ideals of Community Policing through an information exchange and cooperation between the HVGB community and the police.
•Identify policing and crime concerns within the community with the finding solutions for problems and assisting with the development of policing strategies and planning.
•Develop, promote and assist with ongoing Community Policing strategies.
•Support and assist in the development of crime prevention programs through planning, acquiring resources and promoting the program throughout the community.

Community Policing Consultative Group members will have the following responsibilities:

1.Represent a specific organization or segment of society, bringing forward their issues and concerns for discussion and resolution.

2.Liaise with people in the organization or segment of society that they represent to identify policing issues to be tabled at Community Policing Consultative Group meetings.

3.Community Policing Consultative Group members must keep the people they represent informed of the group’s activities and goals, as appropriate.

4.Group members are expected to take an active role in finding solutions to problems and furthering the community policing partnership.

Please respond to me at, Community Constable Murray PERRETT at or via telephone at 896-3383 no later than May 15th, 2015.