Public Service Announcement
Residential Roadside Waste Precautions
Information for the Public
Release Date: March 30, 2020

The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is advising residents of a significant health and safety message from Hickey Waste Management.

As a precautionary measure to prevent the contraction and spread of COVID-19, Hickey Waste Management has made a significant change to its health and safety guidelines on residential roadside waste collection procedures.

With immediate effect, and until further notice, Hickey’s Waste Management will no longer be handling loose garbage. The definition of loose garbage is any household waste not contained in a plastic bag; this includes loose garbage as a result of wildlife interactions with the trash.

All waste placed at the roadside must be secured in a waste bin to reduce animal interaction and the human interaction with the waste for employees of Hickey Waste Management.

For the most part, employees of Hickey Waste Management go above and beyond to collect the litter resulting from ravens and dogs having access to unsecured garbage at the road side. As a part of this new policy change, weekly roadside waste collectors/operators shall not touch what may be contaminated materials among the loose waste. These precautions will be taken with every household, assuming the occupant may be in quarantine.

Operators of Hickey’s Waste Management reserve the right to leave behind what they deem unsafe to handle and will take any precautions they see necessary to avoid contact with contaminates.

This policy change is vital to ensure the health and safety of all involved and also to help provide uninterrupted services.

For complaints or further explanation on this policy change, please contact:

Travis Hickey
Office Administrator
Hickey Construction Ltd.

Hickey’s Waste Management does sell roadside bins that are safe, secure, and durable. These bins allow the operator to mechanically lift bins and empty into the truck without any physical contact between the operator and waste (garbage).

Residents are encouraged to ensure all garbage bags are placed in bins at the side of the road.

Hickey Waste Management appreciates the patience and understanding of residents, for more information on this critical health and safety policy, or information on the roadside bins and to arrange for delivery of a bin(s), contact Hickey Waste Management at 896-3250.