Safety Notice

The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay has received a number of inquiries regarding safety issues and how they are being addressed.

• Emergency services during stormy weather

The Fire Hall is being staffed 24/7 for all emergencies. If there is an issue with emergency vehicles not being able to reach the scene, contingencies have been put in place whereby heavy equipment will be redirected to assist. Ambulance services were notified of this plan during the first week of the labour disruption.

• Fire Hydrants

The Town has received an abundance of snow over the past week and fire hydrants have been covered. Some residents have taken it upon themselves to mark or dig out the hydrant close to their homes, for which we offer our thanks. Management will be starting to dig out the hydrants over the next week.

• Snow Clearing of Roads

The weather for the next week indicates cold and sunny. This is an opportunity for the Town to widen roads and get the snow blower out to cut down snow banks. We ask for the public’s assistance to not push snow onto the streets and to not park on the streets.