Public Service Announcement
Sewer Cleaning Activities
Valley Area Update September 3, 2021
Information for the Public
Release Date: September 3, 2021


The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay Water & Sewer Department advises residents of the Valley area that the Sewer Cleaning Activity is ongoing today into next week.


Town staff will be out with one of the contractors cleaning units. Crews will have appropriate signage out to indicate the streets and areas that the activity is taking place.  Residents are to call the Town office for any related problems, such as backups or sewer smells.


Sewer cleaning will extend in the areas of:


  • Saunders Street
  • Elizabeth Avenue
  • Montagnais Road
  • Paddon Road
  • Markland Road
  • Corte Real Road


Residents will notice a Town Vehicle and Pardys Waste Management Vacuum Truck in and around the areas mentioned above, and Motorists are advised to use caution while this critical maintenance activity is ongoing.