Public Service Announcement
On-Street Parking Ban – Snow Clearing Regulations 
Information for the Public
Release Date: December 2, 2020


















The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is asking for the assistance and cooperation of residents as we enter the winter season to ensure the general public’s safety.

The Municipal Enforcement Department and Town Hall has received many calls related to residents using snowblowers to throw snow onto residential roadways and many calls related to vehicles parked on the side of the street unattended. The Municipal Traffic Regulations, in particular, section 17 (a) states:

17. At any time during a snowstorm and for twelve (12) hours thereafter, no person shall park an unattended vehicle on any street within the Town.

 (a) No person shall deposit, throw, sweep or place any accumulation of snow or ice on any street, sidewalk or public parking lot within the limits of the Town, providing that this regulation shall not apply to employees or contractors of council while engaged in snow clearing operations.

In the interest of public safety, the Town also encourages the public to become familiar with the Municipal Traffic Regulations related to Snow Clearing. The snow clearing regulations are in effect from November 01, 2020, to April 30, 2021.

In the interest of public safety, residents are advised not to throw or place snow from front yards/driveways onto streets; doing so is a ticketable offence.

The full Traffic Regulations (including section 17 a.) related to snow clearing can be found in the Quick Links section of the Town’s website or by clicking the below link:


Individuals who violate municipal regulations are subject to being fined.


We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in keeping the streets clear and safe.