Town Committees Announced

Information for the public

October 5, 2017


The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is informing the public that the 12th Elected Council will work under the following committee structure:


There will be five (5) committees. Each committee will be chaired by one (1) Councillor and consist of two (2) other Councillors and the appropriate department heads.



  1. Community Services, Recreation & Special Events

Chair – Councillor Crann

Councillors – Deputy Mayor Andersen and Councillor Compton Hobbs


  1. Development, Planning & Enforcement

Chair – Councillor Pomeroy

Councillors – Councillor Crann and Councillor Dyson


  1. Economic Development & Public Engagement

Chair – Councillor Dyson

Councillors – Councillor Baikie and Councillor Compton Hobbs


  1. Finance, Administration & Policy

Chair – Councillor Baikie

Councillors – Councillor Dyson and Councillor Pomeroy


  1. Municipal Services

Chair – Deputy Mayor Andersen

Councillors – Councillor Baikie and Councillor Pomeroy



Committees will continue to meet on a monthly basis beginning in October. Committee chair will provide an update during the monthly Public Town Council Meetings regarding their respective committee.


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