Public Service Announcement
Traffic Light Technical Issues
Update: Repairs Ongoing
Information for the Public
Release Date: December 14, 2020


The Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay Department of Public Works is advising residents that the traffic lights’ technical issues at the intersection of Tenth Street and Hamilton River Road are ongoing.


Currently, Tenth Street’s traffic lights are operating as they do during late night and early morning hours,  flashing Red for Hillcrest & Tenth Street and flashing Amber for Hamilton River Road.


Motorists are advised when approaching the intersection to follow the rules of the road:


Flashing Red means Stop; this applies to Hillcrest Road and Tenth Street.


Flashing Amber means Proceed with Caution; this applies to drivers on Hamilton River Road


For more information on Traffic Lights, click on the below link and refer to page 23:



Please use caution when traveling in this area.


Repairs have been started and are ongoing.


The Town apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause. We appreciate the patience and co-operation of residents as we work to repair the traffic lights in this area.