Public Service Announcement

Unauthorized Access & Activities at Municipal Landfill


July 13, 2018

It has once again come to the attention of the Town that individuals are frequently “Scavenging” throughout the Municipal Landfill, a practice that the Town deems to be an unsafe practice and therefore is not permitted.

The Town Council along with Municipal Enforcement is currently developing regulations that will provide a “Fine Structure” to any individuals engaging in this practice. In the meantime, violators initially will be asked to leave the Landfill area, and if caught again will ultimately be banned from accessing the Municipal Landfill.

It has also come to the attention of the Town that individuals are accessing the Municipal Landfill outside of normal business hours to watch Bears that may be inside the Landfill area. Individuals are reminded that not only is this an extremely dangerous practice, but furthermore it is considered Trespassing and therefore a matter that can and will be reported to appropriate authorities.

The Health and Safety of both the Users of the Municipal Landfill and Town Staff is of the utmost concern for the Town.