Located in Central Labrador, the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay is a gateway to the North.

Happy Valley-Goose Bay is the only location in Labrador where road, sea and air services all come together with quality infrastructure, along with an extensive range of commercial services including: government support agencies, training and professional support services.

Getting Here

Our community has an international airport, marine facility that provides services to the North coast of Labrador and an integrated highway network.

We are a vibrant, diverse and multi-cultural community always seeking to establish new partnerships and connections with stakeholders locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

Living Here

While Happy Valley-Goose Bay might have incredibly strong connections to the environment and the surrounding landscapes, our Town is also very focused on ensuring its residents have the amenities that they need to live comfortable and fulfilling lives. For many years, living in Labrador often meant having to travel or pay expensive shipping costs to bring in certain goods. Now, with the growth that we’ve seen, living in Happy Valley-Goose Bay is more attractive than ever.

Working Here

This section includes much of the information you will need to make your move to work in central Labrador a little bit easier.

Playing Here

We take pride in the celebration of our land, history, culture and traditions. Numerous events and festivals take place throughout the year in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and the Upper Lake Melville area. Our people are friendly and welcoming of all nationalities and cultures. We embrace the foundations that formed our community, celebrate our rich heritage and are forging ahead to the future.

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To view our visitors information map, which includes location info for a wide variety of businesses and points of interest in the town, simply click the link below.

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